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Silver grey (21.5% popularity)
8 more colors available
Widex’s best overall model

Widex Moment

39 reviews | 10 video reviews

This sound changes everything

Released on July 8, 2020, MOMENT is Widex's flagship line of hearing aids, available in all styles, and for all hearing losses. MOMENT is most wel... READ MORE

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Autumn beige (5.5% popularity)
8 more colors available
Outdated: Widex’s best overall model from Jan ‘19-Feb ‘20

Widex Evoke

10 reviews | 0 video reviews

The world's first smart hearing aid

As of July 8, 2020, Evoke is an outdated model. If you're interested in Evoke, check out the next generation model, Widex Moment. Evoke was a mostl... READ MORE

Written by: Jeff Hall, Hearing Aid Specialist
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Jeff Hall

President at ZipHearing

Jeff is a California licensed hearing aid dispenser and the President of ZipHearing one of the largest hearing aid suppliers in the country. More about Jeff Hall
Medically reviewed by: Brad Ingrao, Doctor of Audiology
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Brad Ingrao

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Brad Ingrao, Au.D. has been in clinical practice since 1992 in a variety of settings including academia, private practice, educational audiology, the VA, and the hearing aid industry. More about Brad Ingrao
Updated: Nov 19, 2023

The Inside Scoop on Widex Hearing Aids: What You Need to Know

Phonak hearing aids office

Denmark-based Widex distinguishes itself with a focus on quality, offering audiophile-pleasing features, the fastest sound processing, and a commitment to sustainability and effective tinnitus management.

Key Takeaways

  • Widex hearing aid prices range from $2,000-$8,000 for the pair, and the costs vary based on the model, style, technology level, service package included (if any), and retailer.
  • There are several ways to buy Widex hearing aids, but Widex recommends purchasing from a retailer that provides in-person, face-to-face care, stating that (if you don’t), it will void the warranty.
  • Widex’s best hearing aid is the Widex Moment, and wearers praise its natural sound quality, with several users mentioning that the hearing aids restored their ability to hear high-pithced sounds, TV, and music with clarity.
Widex hearing aids company iverview

Widex excels in tinnitus management with its customizable Zen fractal tones, offering a personalized and holistic approach beyond traditional white noise solutions.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Tinnitus Management

Widex sets itself apart in the challenging field of tinnitus management with a multi-faceted approach that extends beyond what many other brands offer. While standard solutions often involve white noise generators, Widex introduces its unique Zen fractal tones.

These tones are not just generic soundscapes but can be finely adjusted in terms of pitch, tempo, and volume, allowing users to have a highly personalized experience tailored to their specific tinnitus relief needs. This capability to customize the sound therapy makes Widex's approach more effective and user-friendly.
Widex hearing aids company iverview

Widex hearing aids are preferred by musicians for their exceptional sound quality, accommodating complex musical acoustics with technologies like PureSound™ and ZeroDelay™, and handling high sound levels up to 113 dB SPL for a balanced, distortion-free audio experience.

A Musician's Best Friend

Sound quality often becomes a point of contention in hearing aids, but Widex excels in this arena. The brand is highly favored by musicians for its impressive sound quality and ability to accommodate the complex acoustics of various musical instruments.

Technologies like PureSound™ and ZeroDelay™ offer low-latency, high-fidelity audio, perfectly suited for studio work. These hearing aids are engineered to handle sound levels up to 113 dB SPL, effectively reducing distortion and delivering a balanced auditory experience that includes both speech clarity and musical richness.
Widex hearing aids company iverview

Widex hearing aids excel in outdoor environments with their advanced systems that effectively reduce wind noise and enhance speech clarity.

Wind Noise: A Non-Issue

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Widex hearing aids offer a significant advantage with their advanced Wind Noise attenuation systems. These systems are expertly designed to automatically detect and reduce wind noise, greatly enhancing speech comprehension in blustery conditions. The technology is not only effective but also remarkably adaptable, quickly adjusting to various outdoor environments.

Whether you find yourself in a windy forest, by the bustling ocean, or in any breezy setting, this feature ensures you maintain clear auditory access to crucial sounds without the interference of wind. This functionality underscores Widex's commitment to providing users with a seamless and uninterrupted hearing experience, regardless of their surroundings.
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Widex is committed to sustainability, utilizing renewable energy and aligning with UN principles for environmental conservation and human rights.

Pioneers in Sustainability

Widex goes beyond mere product offerings by demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability. The company operates from a wind-powered headquarters, employs geothermal systems, and has future plans to establish a solar park.

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, Widex adheres to global principles in human rights and environmental conservation and has earned recognition for its contributions to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
Widex hearing aids company iverview

Widex hearing aids can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time, posing challenges for users with multiple devices.

Room for Improvement

While Widex scores high in innovation and ethics, it's worth noting a couple of areas where it falls short. Their current flagship product, the Widex Moment, is increasingly seen as dated, especially when compared to more recent competitive offerings. A new product launch is eagerly awaited.

Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity could be smoother. While iOS users enjoy a seamless experience, Android users might require an additional accessory called the COM-DEX for full functionality. Widex hearing aids, like many other brands, can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time, making the process cumbersome for those using multiple devices.


Widex emerges as a top-tier choice for those seeking individualized hearing solutions, excellent sound quality, and a brand committed to sustainable practices. However, prospective users should note the limitations in their current flagship model and Bluetooth functionality before making a final decision.

What is the newest Widex hearing aid?
The newest Widex hearing aid is MOMENT, released July 8, 2020.
Who sells Widex hearing aids near me?
We do! Call 800-731-6794 and we'll let you know our closest location to you. You can also find a Widex seller and service center by visiting
What is Widex's best hearing aid?
The best Widex hearing aid is MOMENT 440.
How much do Widex hearing aids cost?
Widex hearing aids range in price from $1,000-$3,500 per hearing aid. Prices will vary based on the technology level of the hearing aid: 440 (premium), 330 (advanced), 220 (standard), 110 (basic). Other items included with your purchase may also affect the price, such as service plans, warranties, and accessories. Prices may vary significantly by region and retailer. At ZipHearing, our price for Widex Moment is *33% less than the national average retail price.

*Based on pricing data published by
Does Costco sell Widex hearing aids?
No, Costco does not sell Widex hearing aids.
How to pair Widex hearing aids to an Android
Recent Widex models that can stream audio directly from Android devices (requires Android 11 or later and Bluetooth 5.0):

2020: MOMENT

Pairing Instructions

1. Go to the Android phone’s home screen and tap on the “Settings” icon.
2. In the settings menu, tap on the Bluetooth icon.
3. Tap on the slider button to turn Bluetooth on.
4. Open and close the hearing aid battery doors. Or, if you use rechargeable Widex hearing aids, switch the hearing aids off by pressing and holding the push button for 3 seconds, then repeating to turn them back on again.
5. Open the “Settings” app on your phone
6. Tap “Connected devices”, and “Pair new device.”
7. If you have more than one hearing aid: Wait for the first hearing aid to connect, then tap the other hearing aid in the list of available devices.
8. Your Android phone is now connected to your Widex hearing aids.
Are Widex hearing aids waterproof?
No. Some Widex hearing aids have an IP rating of 68, which makes them very water-resistant, but they are not waterproof.
How do you program Widex hearing aids?
Widex hearing aids, like all digital hearing aids, are programmed by computer to match the wearer's exact hearing profile. A Widex hearing care provider wirelessly connects to Widex hearing aids via an industry-standard programming device called Noahlink Wireless, or Widex's PROLINK or USBLINK devices. Once connected, the hearing aids are programmed via a proprietary programming software that is only available to hearing care providers, called COMPASS GPS.
Where are Widex hearing aids made?
Widex hearing aids are made in Hauppauge, New York and Copenhagen, Denmark.
How to pair Widex hearing aids to an iPhone
Recent Widex models that can stream audio directly from iOS devices (iOS version 13.2 or newer):

2020: MOMENT
2018: EVOKE

Not sure which model you have? Check your user guide, or call the Widex provider who sold the devices to you.

Pairing Instructions

1. Make sure that your phone's Bluetooth is on. Go to Settings > Bluetooth, and make sure the toggle switch is set to On.
2. Open and close the battery doors on your hearing device. Or, if you use rechargeable Widex hearing aids, switch the hearing aids off and on again, by pressing and holding the push button for 3 seconds to turn them off, and repeating to turn them back on.
3. On your Apple device, go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing, and select Hearing Devices.
4. Your Apple device will search for your hearing device.
5. Under MFi Hearing Devices, tap the name of your hearing device.
6. Tap Pair when you see the pairing request on the screen. If you have two hearing devices, you'll get two requests. Pairing could take up to a minute.
7. You can start using your hearing device when you see it under MFi Hearing Devices with a check mark.

Widex hearing aid models compared

There are technically 3 different Widex models available on the market, Widex Moment, Widex Evoke, and Widex Unique. However, of the 3, Widex Moment is the only one that harnesses Widex’s latest technology, and we’d recommend avoiding the others, as they are quite outdated at this point.

The biggest thing to consider when selecting the right Widex model, is which style and technology level you prefer. The style of the hearing aid refers to the physical form factor, i.e, what the hearing aid looks like, and how it sits in or on your ear. The Widex Moment family of hearing aids comes in several styles from discreet in-ear models, to sleek receiver-in-canal styles. To learn more about these styles, we’d recommend this video.

Once you’ve decided on the style you prefer, the next thing to consider is which technology level you prefer. Widex hearing aids are available in 4 technology levels, from best to lowest: 440, 330, 220, 110.

Use the chart below for a high level Widex model comparison, and click through to the model pages to learn more about the different technology levels available as well.

Moment Evoke
Reviews 39 reviews • 10 video reviews 10 reviews • 0 video reviews
Sales popularity 100% 0%
Return rate 18.2% 5.5%
Released date Jul 08, 2020 Apr 17, 2018
Hearing loss Mild-Severe Mild-Severe
Styles RIC 312 D, mRIC R D (Discontinued), RIC 10, BTE 13D, BTE R D, CIC, CIC Micro, XP, Custom, sRIC R D, SmartRIC R D RIC 312 D, RIC Fusion, RIC 10, CROS Fusion
Battery Rechargeable or disposable Rechargeable or disposable

Widex hearing aid reviews

Finding genuine Widex hearing aid reviews can often be challenging. Many online reviews lack credibility, as they are frequently written by people outside the hearing aid industry, and are often more focused on affiliate marketing than providing real, substantial reviews.

To provide better insights, we have gathered opinions from professionals who specialize in Widex products and use them daily. They share their expert insights on the pros and cons of Widex hearing aids.

Our website takes pride in offering the most firsthand Widex reviews available online, significantly more than any other site. For reviews on specific Widex models, you can visit the model pages on our site. When we have a sufficient collection of both video and written user reviews, we also offer a concise, AI-generated summary at the top of each page. This summary distills key advantages and disadvantages from real-world Widex users, offering a quick and effective way to understand the product.

Expert reviews

Read what a few of our favorite ZipHearing providers have to say about Widex

The image of Walter Kelly Jr. hearing aids expert

Walter Kelly Jr., Hearing Instrument Specialist

What needs improving

Inside the devices are excellent, however the design of the Moment RIC is a bit clunky and not as streamlined in my opinion. If you have hair to cover the devices, it’s a non-issue, but for those of us with limited hair available, it could be. Additionally, while most people tend to want to adjust their hearing aids via the app, there is limited manual control available outside the app.

The image of Janet Hiles Brett hearing aids expert

Janet Hiles Brett, Doctor of Audiology

What needs improving

As advanced as Widex hearing aids are, particularly those rechargeable instruments using Lithium-ion batteries, the device will eventually need to have the battery replaced at the factory and this interruption can be inconvenient to patients using the hearing aids. It is for this reason that we stock loaner hearing aids for patients to use as they will be without their hearing aid while it is being serviced and/or replaced. Also, Widex only offers rechargeable batteries in the Receiver-in-the-Canal style hearing aids. Rechargeable batteries in custom hearing aids, as well as replaceable rechargeable batteries in RIC style hearing aids would be a significant feature to be able to offer our patients.

The image of Tracy Peck Holcomb hearing aids expert

Tracy Peck Holcomb, Doctor of Audiology

What needs improving

Although the wired version offers more stability with streaming, we would love to see Widex come out with a wireless option for their remote microphone system. It would also be great if they added a custom rechargeable option to their Moment lineup for those patients who are interested or would benefit from those features.

The image of Melinda Vance Trup hearing aids expert

Melinda Vance Trup, MS, Audiology

What needs improving

I’d like to see more styles such as in-the-ear hearing aids available with rechargeable capabilities & direct to Bluetooth options. I would also like to see recharger options such as portable rechargers that can recharge without being plugged in, or rechargers that have Dry Aid kits built in to help those with moisture issues.

The image of Shannon Schneller hearing aids expert

Shannon Schneller, Hearing Instrument Specialist

What needs improving

The transition to the Moment line of products with Android streaming capabilities has had some issues with bluetooth connectivity, but those issues have been resolved with current firmware and software updates.

The image of Beau Campa hearing aids expert

Beau Campa, Doctor of Audiology

What needs improving

While the sound quality and overall appearance of Widex hearing aids are major benefits, one limiting factor is lack of direct Bluetooth connectivity and Streaming to Android devices. Although this shouldn’t be deal breaker for patients, the fact of the matter is that people want to stream, and many of them are Android users. Widex does have accessories patients can purchase that will allow them to stream, however it is another thing that someone has to buy and carry around in their pocket, which in my opinion is dated and inconvenient by today’s technology standards.

The image of Kristen Clark hearing aids expert

Kristen Clark, Doctor of Audiology

What needs improving

It is unfortunately only able to connect directly through Bluetooth capability to Apple phone devices at this time. It is not scheduled to be Android compatible until fall of 2021.

User reviews

Watch and read what our hearing aid users have to say about Widex.

Widex hearing aid prices

The pricing of Widex hearing aids varies widely, influenced by several factors. You can purchase them online starting at around $1000 each, or at a local Widex retailer's office for up to $4,000 each. This significant price range is due to various reasons, as outlined in this video. In short, the way you buy Widex hearing aids plays a crucial role in determining the cost. Here's an overview of your options:

Direct-to-consumer (mail order): By emailing a recent hearing test to online Widex retailers, you can have your hearing aids programmed and sent to you. These retailers might also offer remote programming for future adjustments. This option is generally the most cost-effective, though Widex discourages it and warns that warranties may be voided for aids bought this way.

Local Widex provider: Purchasing from a local distributor can be pricier. For instance, reports that the national average price for a pair of the latest Widex Moment model is $7546. The advantage of buying locally is the inclusion of several years of follow-up service in the initial cost, eliminating future service fees. This can be advantageous for those expecting to need ongoing support. Widex's website provides a < a href="" target="_blank">tool to locate local providers for consultations of you wish to purchase this way.

Discount network: Experienced buyers often prefer discount networks, balancing reduced prices with local support. Companies like ZipHearing can refer you to a local Widex affiliate offering discounted rates and services, potentially saving up to 50% off retail prices. For an exact quote, check prices for Widex Moment and then contact the company to be referred to a provider near you. This option combines the benefits of both direct-to-consumer and local provider methods.

Model National Average Pair Price * Our Discount Available Styles % of sales
Widex Moment 440 $7,200 36.1% mRIC R D (Discontinued), sRIC R D, RIC 312 D, SmartRIC R D, RIC 10, CIC, Custom, CIC Micro, BTE 13D, BTE R D, XP 68.2%
Widex Moment 330 $5,664 32.9% mRIC R D (Discontinued), sRIC R D, RIC 312 D, SmartRIC R D, RIC 10, CIC, Custom, CIC Micro, BTE 13D, BTE R D, XP 24.3%
Widex Moment 220 $4,756 32.8% mRIC R D (Discontinued), sRIC R D, RIC 312 D, SmartRIC R D, RIC 10, CIC, Custom, CIC Micro, BTE 13D, BTE R D, XP 6.4%
Widex Moment 110 $3,900 28.3% mRIC R D (Discontinued), sRIC R D, RIC 312 D, SmartRIC R D, RIC 10, CIC, Custom, CIC Micro, BTE 13D, BTE R D, XP 1.1%
Widex Evoke 440 $6,876 33.1% RIC 312 D, RIC Fusion, CROS Fusion, RIC 10 61.4%
Widex Evoke 330 $5,706 33.4% RIC 312 D, RIC Fusion, CROS Fusion, RIC 10 22%
Widex Evoke 220 $4,684 31.7% RIC 312 D, RIC Fusion, CROS Fusion, RIC 10 11%
Widex Evoke 110 $3,764 25.7% RIC 312 D, RIC Fusion, CROS Fusion, RIC 10 5.5%
* According to price tracking website