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All contributors at ZipHearing are experts in the field of hearing aids and hearing aid health care. Their contributions are audiologically-reviewed during our content-review process to ensure the accuracy of all content on this website.

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Jeff Hall

Jeff is a California licensed hearing aid dispenser and the President of ZipHearing- one of the largest hearing aid suppliers in the country. 

After graduating from California State University, Fresno, Jeff immediately earned his state hearing aid dispensing license and began working for a brick and mortar hearing aid office. 

During this 5 year period, Jeff fit and provided sales and service on thousands of hearing aids from all the major brands. <...

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Brad Ingrao

Brad Ingrao, Au.D. has been in clinical practice since 1992 in a variety of settings including academia, private practice, educational audiology, the VA, and the hearing aid industry. 

He specializes in severe to profound hearing loss, including cochlear implants, musicians with hearing loss, and hearing assistive technologies. Dr. Ingrao is recognized as a subject matter expert by industry, academic, and consumer organizations in these disciplines. He has presented at professional and consumer conferences in 48 states, and six countrie...