Hearing Health News – February ’23

In this recurring blog series, we take a look at a few of the prior month’s biggest stories in the world of hearing health care

Sonova introduces SilentCloud tinnitus management app

If you’re one of the 14% of adults worldwide experiencing tinnitus, you might want to check out Sonova’s new subscription-based tinnitus management app, SilentCloud

The app provides a range of therapies allowing users to self-manage their tinnitus, and it incorporates scientifically validated approaches for tinnitus management with trained hearing care experts for guidance.

Check out the SilentCloud video below for more information. 

Explainer video for SilentCloud - tinnitus management app

For now, SilentCloud is only available in Belgium and Italy, but it will be rolled out to more countries later this year, so definitely keep this on your radar.

GN expands ReSound Omnia family

GN announced they’d expand the ReSound Omnia family of hearing aids to include 6 new models:

  • CIC (completely-in-canal)
  • ITC rechargeable (in-the-canal)
  • ITE rechargeable (in-the-ear)
  • miniRIE (miniature receiver-in-ear)
  • BTE (behind-the-ear)
  • Power BTE (power behind-the-ear)

The new models are available on our ReSound Omnia page (scroll down). 

The most notable new addition is the all new “miniRIE” style, shown below. 

ReSound Omnia Mini RIE 60 with MRIE receiver Deep Black—it's ReSound's smallest rechargeable hearing aid yet.

ReSound expects these new models to be available to order February 23rd.

Signia adds lower ‘essential’ technology levels to AX hearing aids

If you’ve been waiting to take advantage of Signia’s latest AX platform, but are interested in more basic/essential technology, the wait is over. 

Singia has recently announced that they’ve added the 2AX and 1AX technology levels to the following product lines: 

These technology levels will be most appropriate for wearers with less complicated listening environments, who primarily whish to improve their hearing in quite, one-on-one listening environments.

Oticon releases new ‘Real’ hearing aids

Not that they were under any pressure to release a new model (Oticon More has been our # 1 rated hearing aid for over 9 months), but Oticon went ahead and released the new Oticon Real this month. 

It’s the Oticon More, but better. 

Pictured third from left, the most popular miniRITE R is available in a striking new Olive Green

Here are the key improvements available in Oticon Real: 

  • Real is built on a new platform, Polaris R.
  • Real has new detectors that can process sudden, wind, and handling noises to minimize distractions and increase speech clarity. 
  • Real is compatible with the new Oticon Companion app, which provides users with increased functionality as compared to the previous On app.

For now, Oticon Real is available in 2 receiver-in-canal styles, and 2 behind-the-ear styles, with either a rechargeable or disposable battery. 

There's a brief video introduction below-

Stay tuned to our product page for Oticon Real as the user reviews and videos will soon start pouring in from across the country. 

Jeff is a California licensed hearing aid dispenser and the President of ZipHearing- one of the largest discount hearing aid suppliers in the United States. Jeff lives in San Diego, CA with his wife and 2 young daughters. You can learn more about hearing aids and watch Jeff on ZipHearing's Youtube channel.

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