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Signia Pure Charge&Go 7X
$2299 (per aid) $4598 (pair)
Signia Pure 7X
$2299 (per aid) $4598 (pair)
Signia Silk 7
$2199 (per aid) $4398 (pair)
Signia Silk 5
$1699 (per aid) $3398 (pair)
Signia Pure Charge&Go 5X
$1849 (per aid) $3698 (pair)
Signia Styletto 7
$2299 (per aid) $4598 (pair)
Signia Pure Charge&Go 3X
$1549 (per aid) $3098 (pair)
Signia Styletto 5
$1799 (per aid) $3598 (pair)
Signia Styletto 3
$1549 (per aid) $3098 (pair)
Signia Pure 5X
$1749 (per aid) $3498 (pair)
Signia Pure 3X
$1549 (per aid) $3098 (pair)
Signia Silk 3
$1449 (per aid) $2898 (pair)
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Popular Signia Hearing Aid Models

Signia is among the most popular brands at ZipHearing, and for good reason. No other hearing aid manufacturer brings more history, sets higher standards, or packs more technology into its hearing devices. Formerly known as Siemens, Signia represents the future of a company that began producing hearing aids more than a century ago (Sivantos). Siemens had (and still does) a reputation for what the company describes as cutting-edge technology with German engineering and premium quality. Now under the Signia moniker, the company has kept its robust portfolio of cutting-edge hearing aid technology while introducing a new emphasis on personalized hearing care. Keep reading to learn more about what this means.

Signia's most popular RIC hearing aid, Pure X, should be on your short list if you like the sound of a hearing aid designed to enhance speech understanding in background noise while maintaining a natural quality for your own voice. We realize that every company seems to make this promise, but Pure X is one hearing aid that fulfills it better than many others. We also recommend the discrete instant-fit Signia Silk, Pure Charge&Go with Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and custom-built Insio hearing aids from Signia. Most of these hearing aids come in several different styles and performance levels, so you are sure to find a combination to suit your needs.

As you delve a little deeper into the options for Signia hearing aids, you may find it helpful to know that a simple numbering system designates the performance level of each model. The higher the number, the higher the performance or technology level. The abbreviation following a performance level signifies which product family the hearing aid belongs to. For example, Pure X hearing aids come in 3X, 5X, and 7X models, so if you are looking for the top-of-the line check out Pure 7X. If you are looking for the latest hearing solutions Signia offers, but with a smaller price tag, consider Pure 3X instead. Some models include the battery size in their name (e.g., 13 or 312), when the hearing aid comes in different styles or with a choice of battery sizes.

In the sections below, you'll find information on Signia's current and most popular hearing aids models, along with pricing and feature information so you can determine which Signia hearing aid is appropriate for you. If you're simply looking to get your Signia hearing aids repaired, or looking for Signia parts, like wax filters or domes, feel free to give us a call and we'll point you in the right direction. Otherwise, feel free to review the popular models below, and at the top of this page you'll find links to each Signia hearing aid model, along with prices, features, and online ratings, and more in-depth Signia reviews on each product page.

Pure X

Signia Pure X is Signia's newest RIC style hearing aid, using traditional size 312 disposable batteries (as indicated by the 312 in the product's name). There are a few enhancements to the Pure 312 X model, as compared to the previous Pure 312 Nx.

New platform: Signia has just released their new Xperience platform, and Pure 312 X is the first hearing aid built on it. The platform is essentially the “brain” of the hearing aid, like an operating system or algorithm that controls how the hearing aid sounds. The main advantage of the new Xperience platform, is a feature Signia calls “Dynamic Soundscape Processing.” This feature refers to the functionality provided by the motion sensors that are now embedded into Signia hearing aids (as opposed to in the iPhone, where they were before). Why is this beneficial? As a result of having these motion sensors, wearers report improved ability to understand speech, with significantly reduced listening effort, both when in motion and when stationary. Signia has indicated that 90% of Xperience wearers report a natural sound experience when in motion.

New “Signia App”: Along with the release of the Xperience platform, Signia has released a new app, called simply, “Signia App.” Prior to this app, Signia had multiple apps with fragmented functionalities across various apps, which didn't lead to the best user experience. This new app combines all existing app functionality into one unified environment, so this new app consolidates the previous three apps, (touchControl, myControl, and myHearing App), all into one app. The new app is backwards compatible with earlier models such as Signia Nx hearing aids.

Last but not least, Signia has redesigned this new RIC device, with a slimmer housing, providing for a more discreet fit.

Pure X hearing aids, like the earlier Pure Nx hearing aids are Made for iPhone, meaning they can stream music and calls directly from Apple devices without the use of additional accessories. For streaming from Android devices, you will need the StreamLine Mic (which is also compatible with Apple devices). It’s small, easy-to-use, and is useful with or without a smartphone, because it functions as a remote microphone for meetings or lectures where you need to hear from across the room. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using your phone the old-fashioned way – by holding it up to your ear. If that is your style, Pure X is still a great choice, because the full-bandwidth link between the two hearing aids transmits the phone signal wirelessly from one hearing aid to the other.

Signia Pure Charge&Go X

Signia Pure Charge & Go X is Signia's newest receiver-in-canal rechargeable hearing aid. This hearing aid is built in Signia's new Xperience platform.

Like the Signia Pure 312 X (mentioned above), Charge&Go X hearing aids benefit from the new motion sensors on the Xperience platform, the updated Signia App, and a slimmer housing and more discreet fit, as opposed to the previous Charge&Go nX model.

Charge & Go X hearing aids are also Made for iPhone, meaning they can stream music and phone calls directly from iOS devices without the need for a pairing accessory. For Android devices, you'll still need a pairing accessory, called the StreamLine MIC.

Pure Charge&Go X use built-in Lithium-ion batteries, which charge faster and run longer than other rechargeable battery types. A full charge takes three hours and provides about 19 hours of runtime without audio streaming or 17 hours including five hours of Bluetooth streaming. If you are in a hurry, the fast-charge cycle will provide about 6 hours use after just 30 minutes of charging. Since the batteries are built in you’ll never need to worry about changing them or struggling to manipulate tiny disposable batteries. Charging is really easy too. There are no external charging contacts, so all you need to do is place the hearing aids in the USB charger until you’re ready to wear them. No need to check for a good connection. If they’re in, they’re connected—which the LED indicators on the charger will confirm.

Pure Charge&Go X come in 10 colors and three performance levels, always in the RIC style. They have a wide fitting range, suitable for mild up to severe hearing loss.

Signia Silk

Signia’s Silk are small, discreet, instant-fit hearing aids with superior sound quality. That's a unique combination, because these are the only invisible-style hearing aids with premium features like Signia's Binaural OneMic Directionality that also come ready to wear. Previously available only at the highest performance level, OneMic Directionality is now included in all Silk hearing aids. Another new addition that comes standard is TwinPhone, which uses Signia's HD e2e wireless capability to automatically transmit phone audio from one hearing aid to another so you can hear in both ears.

Silk feature a soft and flexible silicone sleeve that conforms to your ear canal for a precise instant fit. This means you don't have to wait for custom devices to get a comfortable fit. The replaceable silicone sleeve simply clicks onto the tip of the hearing aid, so it's easy to get the right fit with minimal fuss. Many people actually prefer these Click Sleeves over custom hearing aids. While the X platform is new to Silk hearing aids, the Click Sleeves are not. It's a form factor that proved popular and comfortable in Silk primax, the predecessor to the new Silk hearing aids. What has changed is that Silk are 20 percent smaller than their predecessor, for even more discretion. It's enough of a difference that Signia has added one additional size (smaller) to the line up.

Silk not only feel comfortable to wear, they sound great too, thanks to the advanced sound processing of the X platform. A key feature is Signia's Ultra HD e2e processing. It's a full bandwidth wireless connection that can transfer audio and data between a pair of hearing aids. This makes it possible for two hearing aids to work together for more effective noise reduction than is possible in independent hearing aids — and it makes a big difference.

When invisible-style hearing aids first hit the market several years ago, consumers loved their small size and the natural sound quality provided by having the microphones located in the ear canal. But those hearing aids were too small to house the dual microphones essential for advanced directional processing, so slightly larger behind the ear hearing aids became more popular. With Signia's Binaural OneMice Directionality, the situation has changed. Each Silk hearing aid has only one microphone, but the two hearing aids work together to provide effective noise reduction and directional hearing without adding bulk to the hearing aids.

Signia Silk come in three performance levels, to suit a variety of needs and budgets, and are suitable for up to severe hearing loss. If you need more power or are interested in Signia’s unique Own Voice Processing, consider a RIC hearing aid such as Signia Pure. Otherwise, Signia Silk are a great choice.

Buy if:
  • You want the only nearly invisible hearing aids with ear-to-ear wireless and an instant fit.
  • You have no usable hearing in one ear, and want a wireless CROS system for streaming audio from one ear to the other.
  • You prefer invisible-style hearing aids, but dislike the feel of acrylic or other hard materials used in custom hearing aids.

Signia Styletto

Signia Styletto Connect offers a uniquely stylish form factor, full featured connectivity, and state-of-the-art lithium-ion rechargeability. Released in Spring of 2019, Styletto Connect aims to be much more than just a traditional hearing aid, and is advertised as a "revolution in sound, style, streaming, and charging on-the-go." There are 3 primary features that make Styletto Connect unique in the marketplace.

Stylish slim-RIC form factor: Featuring an awarding winning Slim-RIC style, the Styletto connect is the slimmest RIC hearing aid on the market. Styletto Connect fits discreetly behind the ear so no one will ever see it, but with a hearing aid this good looking, you may just want to show it off. It's available in three contemporary color combinations, is IP 68 rated (moisture resistant) and feels more like it's built by a smartphone manufacturer than a hearing aid manufacturer.

Portable, cord-free charging: Included with your Styletto Connect purchase is a pocket-sized and portable charging case that provides a full day of power, even with up to 5 hours of streaming. Three times smaller and half the weight of comparable chargers, it’s the only one you can fit in your pocket to carry with you all day. When your hearing aids are low on battery, just pop them in the charging case for a 30 minute fast charge, which provides an additional 5 hours of use. With a full charge, the charger is capable of providing 4 full charges to your hearing aids, in the event you don't have access to an electrical outlet or USB port to charge your hearing aids. A full charge to the charger takes 3 hrs, and a full charge to the Styletto Connect hearing aids takes 2 hrs.

Connectivity and control: With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, Styletto Connect allows you to stream music, phone calls and more, directly from your phone to your hearing aids (Streamline MIC accessory required on non-Apple products). To improve the sleek design and appearance of Styletto Connect, there is no on-board control on the units themselves. Instead, users download the myControl App for iOS and Android phones, which offers advanced remote control options.

Styletto Connect is more than just a stylish, rechargeable, Bluetooth hearing aid. Styletto Connect is built on the Signia X platform, which includes Ultra HD e2e with Narrow Directionality for speech understanding in noise. It also has Signia's renowned Own Voice Processing (OVP™)” feature to make the wearers own voice sound more natural.

Styletto Connect is currently available in 3 performance levels, starting from the premium level 7, mid-range level 5, and entry level 3. All technology levels include the portable charging case.

Signia Hearing Aid Reviews

Below you’ll see our 10 most recent and real Signia hearing aid reviews and complaints, on all the latest models such as Pure, Pure Charge&Go X, Silk.

Any time you read a customer review on Signia hearing aids, its important to note that a significant factor contributing to the customer`s review is the skill of the hearing provider who fit their hearing aids. For more information on this, we`d encourage you to check out our YouTube video: Do Hearing Aid Reviews Matter?

Product reviewed: Signia Pure Charge&Go X 7


Sound quality with the CROS configuration is excellent. I have no trouble determining sound source. Streaming is easy to control so that phone calls can be answered.

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Product reviewed: Signia Pure Charge&Go X 7


My Signia hearing aids have exceeded my expectations. They are comfortable and almost invisible since they sit neatly at the top of the ear. The sound quality is excellent and the fact that they can be adjusted and programmed to most of my common social situations is a huge plus. The app works well from my iPhone and the Bluetooth feature allow me to hear phone callers directly to my aids. They are a bit pricey but well worth the value. Randy Tucson, AZ

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Product reviewed: Signia Pure Charge&Go X 7


Pros: Quality sound and very comfortable behind the ears. Smaller than I expected and fit well . Easy to charge and easy to remove from charger. Cons: cracking in both units and both have gone off for no reason . Took them back to the provider and had the transmitter replaced . It helped for a while but the cracking and turning off continued. Going back and change companies.

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6 people found this review helpful

Product reviewed: Signia Pure Charge&Go X 5


I am still working with my new hearing aides. I can definitely hear more clearly with these hearing aides than I could with my previous pair. I find the connection to my phone to be very convenient. I am getting used to switching off the connection when I want the phone to be on speaker to share the call with someone else in the room, but I think that is just the adjustments one makes when learning a new skill. My husband appreciates that our conversations have very few "I'm sorry, what did you say?" I can also hear the birds for the first time in a while, and when they get too bothersome, I can easily turn them down.

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Product reviewed: Signia Silk 7

As much as I want to give these 5 stars, I just can't. One arrives dead at my fitting appointment. Took 2 weeks to get replaced. Came in, had issues still, and still isn't right. When they work, they are so-so, not worth the cost imo, if you buy these, make sure you know your return priveleges.

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Product reviewed: Signia Silk 7

VERIFIED BUYER | saint paul, MN ?

The sound quality is good. They are easy to put in and remove. The volume can be adjusted on a smart phone with the app. They are very discreet in my ear. I like the size especially.

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Product reviewed: Signia Silk 3


The sound quality of these hearing aids is excellent. I love the go in the ear type of hearing aid. They slide in and of your ears very easily and once in, you are not even aware they are there. The in-your-ear type are less hassle when you are trying to wear glasses and masks...and when you wear a wig as I do. I also have some Eargos that I like, but the Silks are programmable which is a big plus. Also, while changing the small batteries so often is a nuisance, at least you can change them and get the hearing aids to work. With the Eargos, if they lose their charge before the end of the day, you are SOL. Also, Eargos will only charge well for about three years, and since the internal battery cannot be replaced, the entire hearing aids has to be replaced. The Silks have a much longer life.

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Product reviewed: Signia Silk 3


I opted for the Signia Silk X hearing aid after conducting extensive research on the available “CIC” brands and was fortunate enough to find Zip Hearing, who is an authorized distributor for most major brands. I am extremely pleased, not having used any devices prior, and I am now able to hear quite a bit better and picking up the high frequency sounds that I was missing before. These can be programmed to your needs and are extremely comfortable. I decided I had no risk as Zip provides 45 day return policy if you are not satisfied. I would highly recommend Zip as they have ( at least I have found) qualified affiliates throughout, who will provide an audiology test and let you know if you are a candidate for these “Completely In Canal” devices and will continue to service them when needed. The entire experience was excellent. No BS and no high pressure. Reasonably priced for the technology. The best thing is that you do not need a special molded ear piece.

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Product reviewed: Signia Pure 5


The units provided by ZipHearing and recommended bythe provider have changed my life. I believe they are Signia units. Originally I thought they would be cumbersome. After my installation visit. I enjoyed hearing the birds and music of the world turning. They are light weight and durable. At 6'3" with large hands I was concerned about how I would "work" the volume controls or replace the batteries. All was accomplished with ease. I urge anyone to hear what they are missing. It's not just amplification, but stimulation. Even without my aids, I hear more accurately. I give them a good workout as I usually spend 14-16 hours daily enjoying this world.

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Product reviewed: Signia Styletto 5


I am very satisfied with my new Signia Styletto hearing aids. The sound quality is great and love the options and adjustments I can make. The only con is the design is a little longer and took a little time to get used to, now I forget that I have them on.

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Signia Hearing Aid Prices

Below you will find our price list for Signia hearing aids. As a rule of thumb, your cost for Signia hearing aids will usually be 20-30% below usual retail prices when purchased through ZipHearing, and our prices for Signia start at $999 per hearing aid.

The final price of your Signia hearing aids will vary greatly depending on several factors like style chosen, warranty, length of local service plan, terms of the trial period and more.

How much do Signia hearing aids cost?

From most retailers, Signia hearing aids start at $1000 each, and go up to $3000+.

Model Our Price
Pure Charge&Go 7X $2299
Pure Charge&Go 5X $1849
Pure Charge&Go 3X $1549
Pure Charge&Go 2X $1399
Pure Charge&Go 1X $1299
CROS Pure Charge&Go X $1649
Pure 7X $2299
Pure 5X $1799
Pure 3X $1549
Pure 2X $1399
Pure 1X $1299
CROS Pure 312 X $1649
Silk 7X $2199
Silk 5X $1699
Silk 3X $1449
Silk 2X $1349
Silk 1X $999
Silk CROS $1649
Styletto 7X $2299
Styletto 5X $1799
Styletto 3X $1599
Styletto 2X $1399
Styletto 1X $1299
Insio 7Nx $2299
Insio 5Nx $1899
Insio 3Nx $1649
Insio 2Nx $1399
Insio 1Nx $1299
Streamline Mic $199
Streamline TV $199
Smart Dryer Li-ion Case $75

Signia hearing aid apps & accessories

Have you ever thought about controlling your hearing aids from your smartphone? If so, check out some of the Signia apps below. Be sure to check compatibility of these apps with your phone or tablet, because some apps are built exclusively for iOS devices, others for Android devices, and the functionality that you get from these apps may vary depending on the type of phone or tablet you use. In addition, sometimes apps may be built exclusively for iPhones (for example), and may not work on iPads. So it`s very important to check compatibility of your devices before selecting your hearing aids based on the apps available from Signia.

You should also consider some of Signia`s accessories, such as TV streamers and remote microphones. Again, it is important to do your due diligence as far as compatibility. Not all Signia hearing aids will work with all of the below Signia accessories. To find compatibility information, find the Signia hearing aid on our site that you are looking for, then scroll down and you will see a section on the product page which reviews this information.

If you need Signia supplies, such as domes, filters, or cleaning tools, we recommend contacting the local Signia provider who sold you your hearing aids. You may also sometimes find these parts relatively inexpensive on sites like Amazing and eBay. For accessories, we do not recommend buying them on sites like Amazon or eBay, as that is not an approved sales channel for most major manufacturers, and sellers on those sites are likely not authorized Signia retailers. You can also of course always buy these accessories from the local hearing provider which sold you your Signia hearing aids.

Please note: We are only able to sell accessories & parts of supplies to customers who have purchased hearing aids through ZipHearing.

Streamline MIC: $199

A hands-free mobile headset for full convenience on the phone. Now you can accept calls without having to take the phone out of your pocket, whether your smartphone is on the Apple® or Android™ platform! If you are streaming sound from another Signia wireless accessory, such as the StreamLine TV accessory when the call comes in, no problem. When you answer the call with StreamLine Mic, streaming will instantly switch from the TV to the phone, so you won’t need to turn off the TV sound manually. You can also stream the phone call into both of your hearing aids, which can make a big difference in sound quality and speech understanding. To make the most of StreamLine Mic’s excellent streaming quality, try using it with messaging apps, such as Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts. These apps tend to have better audio quality than mobile phone calls. StreamLine Mic also functions as a remote microphone to help you in challenging listening situations, such as crowded meetings. You can stream a speaker’s voice directly into your hearing aids from a distance of up to 20 65 ft. As a result, you hear the speaker as clearly as if they were standing right next to you. With Signia’s myControl™ App, you can remotely control the StreamLine Mic, even when the speaker is on the other side of the room. This free app is a nice feature for your convenience, but the app is not required for you to use the StreamLine Mic.

Streamline TV: $199

StreamLine TV feeds audio from your television directly into your hearing aids in Dolby Digital quality. It offers intuitive, fully automatic handling for a state-of-the-art wireless listening experience. StreamLine TV features automatic pairing with hearing aids, a streaming range up to 30 ft, and support for Dobly Digital sound. StreamLine TV is compatible with all televisions that have a TOSLINK fiberoptic output, analog RCA connectors or an audio output jack. StreamLine TV offers the most convenient way to watch TV with your family if there are other members in your family wearing hearing aids. StreamLine TV enables direct streaming into multiple pairs of compatible Signia hearing aids at the same time. you can easily start and pause TV streaming as well as adjust the volume as you want, without any need for an onboard control. You and another listener can even adjust the volume individually via the Signia’s free myControl App. StreamLine TV is fully compatible with other streaming technologies offered by Signia. This means you can accept a phone call while you’re watching TV without having to stop streaming from the TV. StreamLine TV will pause streaming automatically while you take the call and restart when you’re done.

miniPocket Remote: $139

miniPocket is the ideal solution for anyone who wants discreet, convenient control of their hearing aids without the need for a large remote control or smartphone. Reliable and easy to use, the miniPocket is small enough to carry on a key ring yet powerful enough to control all essential features.

TouchControl App

The touchControl App turns your smartphone into a discreet remote control for your hearing aids. Use it to change hearing programs and adjust the volume, bass, and treble of your hearing aids. All you need is a smartphone—no extra devices or cords. Program and volume changes: Adapt to changing listening situations by making easy and discreet adjustments. Spatial Configurator: The feature lets you steer the hearing aid microphones to focus on what you want to hear. Bass and treble: Use SoundBalance™ to effortlessly change the tone of your environment according to your listening preference.

myControl App

The myControl App gives you effortless hearing tailored to your individual lifestyle. Signia calls it the industry’s most advanced remote-control app, because it does more than enable direct streaming. It also sends information to your hearing aids from motion sensors in your smartphone. The goal is to provide the best possible listening experience, ensuring relaxation and safety when you are on the move. The myControl App enables automatic program selection based on motion as well as analysis of the acoustic listening situation. Signia reasons that people frequently move while they are speaking, so their hearing aids should react dynamically and adjust to their changing listening situation. Up until now, this data was missing, but with the myControl App, it’s finally available. Similiar to a fitness tracker, the myControl App helps wearers look after their hearing health by displaying noise exposure and voice activity. In addition, the unique Signia TeleLink connectivity system allows you to benefit from the myControl App when other wireless system cannot be used, for example when you phone is in flight mode with Bluetooth communication switched off. myControl App acts as a relay-less remote control for quick and easy adjustments and personalization. One of the highlights is the app’s Spatial Configurator, which lets you steer your hearing aid microphones in 360 degrees. You can also adjust the listening program and volume, hearing aid balance, power on delay, low battery interval, and flight mode.

Styletto X Charger (Included)

Now with wireless Qi-Charging! Just set the Styletto X on any wireless charging pad and easily charge the case. This pocket-sized and portable charging case provides a full day of power, even with up to 5 hours of streaming. Three times smaller and half the weight of comparable chargers, it’s the only one you can fit in your pocket to carry with you all day. When your hearing aids are low on battery, just pop them in the charging case for a 30 minute fast charge, which provides an additional 5 hours of use. With a full charge, the charger is capable of providing 3 full charges to your hearing aids, in the event you don't have access to an electrical outlet or USB port to charge your hearing aids. A full charge to the charger takes 5 hrs, and a full charge to the Styletto Connect hearing aids takes 2 hrs.

Signia App

The Signia App gives you everything you need to enjoy your hearing aids to the full, and all tailored to your personal preferences: audio streaming, remote control and remote support. All you need is your smartphone. The Signia App combines features offered by the myControl app, TouchControl app, and myHearing app, into one single app.

Inductive Charger II (Included)

Signia's new Inductive Charger II keeps your hearing aids fully powered and protected, doubling as a dehumidifier to keep your hearing aids moisture-free. When hearing aids aren't in use, set them in their charging slots, and in 3-4 they'll be fully charged, providing enough power for 23 hrs of use (without Bluetooth streaming). If you're in a time crunch, a 30-minute “quick charge” will provide up to 7 hours of use.

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