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Phonak Hearing Aid Models, Prices, & Reviews

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Phonak Audeo B70
$1749 (per aid) $3498 (pair)
Phonak Audeo B70-Direct
$1849 (per aid) $3698 (pair)
Phonak Virto B70 Titanium
$1899 (per aid) $3798 (pair)
Phonak Audeo B90-R
$2399 (per aid) $4798 (pair)
Phonak Audeo B70-R
$1849 (per aid) $3698 (pair)
Phonak Audeo B50-R
$1449 (per aid) $2898 (pair)
Phonak Audeo B90
$2299 (per aid) $4598 (pair)
Phonak Audeo B50
$1349 (per aid) $2698 (pair)
Phonak Audeo B30
$1149 (per aid) $2298 (pair)
Phonak Virto B90 Titanium
$2499 (per aid) $4998 (pair)
Phonak Bolero B90
$2299 (per aid) $4598 (pair)
Phonak Bolero B70
$1699 (per aid) $3398 (pair)
Phonak Bolero B50
$1299 (per aid) $2598 (pair)
Phonak Bolero B30
$1149 (per aid) $2298 (pair)
Phonak Virto B90
$2399 (per aid) $4798 (pair)
Phonak Virto B70
$1849 (per aid) $3698 (pair)
Phonak Virto B50
$1349 (per aid) $2698 (pair)
Phonak Virto B30
$1199 (per aid) $2398 (pair)
Phonak Audeo B90-Direct
$2399 (per aid) $4798 (pair)
Phonak Audeo B50-Direct
$1449 (per aid) $2898 (pair)
Phonak Naida B90
$2299 (per aid) $4598 (pair)
Phonak Naida B70
$1699 (per aid) $3398 (pair)
Phonak Naida B50
$1299 (per aid) $2598 (pair)
Phonak Naida B30
$1149 (per aid) $2298 (pair)
Phonak Naida B90R Rechargeable
$2399 (per aid) $4798 (pair)
Phonak Naida B70R Rechargeable
$1799 (per aid) $3598 (pair)
Phonak Naida B50R Rechargeable
$1399 (per aid) $2798 (pair)
Phonak Audeo Marvel 90
$2299 (per aid) $4598 (pair)
Phonak Audeo Marvel 70
$1799 (per aid) $3598 (pair)
Phonak Audeo Marvel 50
$1349 (per aid) $2698 (pair)
Phonak Audeo Marvel 30
$1149 (per aid) $2298 (pair)
Phonak Audeo Marvel Rechargeable 90
$2399 (per aid) $4798 (pair)

Popular Phonak Hearing Aid Models

A worldwide leader in hearing aid technology, Phonak operates in more than 100 countries and boasts a 70-year history of innovation. The Swiss company is known for its premium-quality hearing aids, stylish wireless accessories, and a long menu of digital sound processing algorithms designed to provide a natural listening experience and to make speech easier to hear in a variety of situations.

Our most popular Phonak hearing aids include the new Audéo M, rechargeable Audéo MR, and custom in-the-ear Virto B models. Before learning more about these hearing aids, you may want to know that each one comes in four performance levels: Essential, Standard, Advanced, and Premium. In most cases, you can identify the performance level of Phonak hearing aids by the model number included in their name (A higher model number indicates a higher performance level). For example, Audéo M90 represents the Premium level of Audéo M hearing aids, while Audéo M30 represents the Essential level.

Stepping up from one performance level to the next generally increases the number of features or programs to improve sound quality, comfort, or speech understanding in specific listening situations. For instance, all Audéo M hearing aids include programs for calm situations or speech in noise, but only the Premium level (Audéo M90) includes programs tuned specifically for speech in wind noise. The difference between Phonak hearing aid performance levels is not just about additional programs. Higher performance levels may also include a more sophisticated version of features also found at the Essential level. Which Phonak hearing aids should you choose? This is a matter of individual hearing needs and personal preference. While discreet appearance tops the priority list for some people, Bluetooth phone connectivity matters more to others. In general, the more specific or challenging hearing needs you have, the more you may want to consider choosing advanced hearing aids. With a wide range of features and options, and with multiple hearing aid styles designed for any level of hearing loss, Phonak offers something for nearly everyone. You can expect excellent sound quality, great reliability, and a refined fit and finish across the Phonak product range.

In the sections below, you'll find information on Phonak's current and most popular hearing aids models, along with pricing and feature information so you can determine which Phonak hearing aid is appropriate for you. If you're simply looking to get your Phonak hearing aids repaired, or looking for Phonak parts, like wax filters or domes, feel free to give us a call and we'll point you in the right direction. Otherwise, feel free to review the popular models below, and at the top of this page you'll find links to each Phonak hearing aid model, along with prices, features, and online ratings, and more in-depth Phonak reviews on each product page.

Audéo™ Marvel

The best of modern hearing aids, like Audéo™ Marvel, take the experience of wearing hearing aids to a new level. No longer does choosing a hearing aid revolve around the hearing aids alone. Now, it’s the sum of the parts, the total package, the whole experience of using them that matters. Audéo™ Marvel bring an experience that focuses on clear, rich sound, high-quality wireless connectivity, smart apps, and the added convenience of optional rechargeable batteries.

Audéo™ Marvel, or Audéo™ M for short, are the first Phonak hearing aids released on the new Marvel platform. Featuring AutoSense OS 3.0 sound processing, they introduce a few new automatic programs, so they sound great in a wide variety of situations.

With Bluetooth connectivity for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices, Audéo™ M deliver hands-free phone use in a more refined and battery-saving implementation than their Audéo™ B Direct predecessor. Even better, Audéo™ M are the industry’s first hearing aids that can recognize speech and music streaming inputs, optimizing sound quality automatically. In contrast, other hearing aids put an automatic classifier to work only for sounds picked up by the microphones, and not for wireless streaming. Audeo Marvel hearing aids are also available with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, in the Audeo MR model.

Buy if:
  • You want a true hands-free phone solution for direct streaming from Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.
  • You want to connect to Bluetooth audio sources other than a sparkling, new smartphone.
  • You would appreciate real-time captioning on your mobile device, with the Phonak MyCall-to-Text app.

Virto™ B

Virto B are the world’s first hearing aids with Biometric Calibration. As part of the Belong family, they share the fully automatic functionality of Autosense OS with their Audéo B siblings. The most notable difference is that Virto B hearing aids are worn in the ear canal rather than behind the ear. They must be custom made in the shape of your ear to fit comfortably and work effectively. This means you will need to visit your local ZipHearing partner for ear impressions before Phonak can build a hearing aid just for you. Building the hearing aid is only part of the customization process, because Phonak also fine tunes the listening programs, based on the size and shape of your ear (Yes, really) - a process Phonak calls “biometric calibration”. Why should this matter? The answer has to do with how sound waves reflect off the ear toward the hearing aid microphones. Subtle differences between ears of different sizes and shapes can degrade the performance of directional microphones in canal-style hearing aids. Since directional microphones are one of the most important features for improving speech understanding in background noise, calibrating the hearing aids for individual listeners results in better hearing performance compared to uncalibrated hearing aids. Virto B is available in six models and four performance levels in a variety of styles with or without a volume control. Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss or up to profound hearing loss, with some models.

Buy if:
  • You are looking for in-canal hearing aids with top-notch automatic hearing performance
  • You want to enjoy Bluetooth wireless connectivity and prefer in-ear hearing aids compared to other styles

Virto™ B Titanium

This hearing aid doesn’t just have titanium in its name. It is actually made of the precious metal. Who would want a titanium hearing aid? Anyone who wants super discreet, durable invisible-style hearing aids. This hearing aid’s ultra-thin titanium shell is 50% thinner than the acrylic and other materials used to build other custom hearing aids. This makes it possible for the Titanium model fit in tighter spaces, such as small and winding ear canals. Having such a thin shell also leaves more room for an air vent, meaning Titanium hearing aids may allow for better air circulation in your ear canal, which helps your own voice sound natural, and can improve sound quality.

In terms of what is on the inside of the hearing aid, Virto B Titanium has the same Autosense OS electronics as performance, Virto B Titanium is equivalent to its Virto B counterpart, just smaller. As far as controlling the Virto B Titanium, it may be ordered with a push-button, allowing wearers to control the hearing aid's volume. If it is determined there is no room for a push-button on the device (because it's so small), Phonak will supply a small metal keychain-like wand, called the “MiniControl” which allows a user to change the volume by simply raising the wand to the hearing aid, which will then emit a sound (audible only to the user), indicating the volume has successfully changed. Virto B titanium comes in two performance levels, Advanced and Premium.

Buy if:
  • You want the smallest and lightest invisible hearing hearing aids, without sacrificing hearing performance.
  • You prefer invisible hearing aids, but you’ve been told your ear canals are too small, or you have had difficulty getting invisible hearing aids to fit comfortably (and you’re willing to try again)

Phonak Hearing Aid Reviews

Here are the 10 most recent Phonak hearing aid reviews we've received:
VERIFIED BUYER | Los Angeles, CA ?

I had been trialing the Audeo B90 Directs for 3 weeks when I heard about this release. What I like about these Marvels vs the previous direct is two fold. First of all, the audio streams to BOTH ears, vs just the one ear with the Directs. Much easier to hear conversations on the phone, and streaming TV audio is much clearer. Second is performance in background noise is much better. I felt like the Direct model didn't help AT ALL in noise, but these turn down noise a significant amount, where I struggle to hear the most. Great improvement with the Marvels and I am thankful I'm able to make an exchange up to these.

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It is working pretty well so far. I am not entirely used to having it in my ear, but hopefully that will get better. I have trouble putting it in still. I will need to get it adjusted a bit further, I do not hear as well on that side as on the right at this point. It has not done much for my tinnitus. But altogether it is better than my previous hearing aid.

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Let me start by saying that these Phonak hearing aids are better than the $400 General Hearing devices I bought at previously, but not by much. The Phonaks have better wind noise suppression and are better in noisy environments, but that's about it. I could actually hear high end sounds like crickets, birds, etc. better with the Wal Mart devices, but much of that could be the way the Phonaks were programmed, and that could be why the Phonaks are less objectionable in noisy rooms. It's always a compromise, isn't it?

The $400 devices were actually easier to adjust the volume on. The shape off the Phonaks and location of the volume button tends to make them slip off your ear when your press the button. I keep thinking I'll get used to that, but it's been two months now and that's still a bit of an annoyance.

The Phonaks do improve my hearing of live conversations, but for some reason I still have problems understanding speech on television programs.

If the VA weren't paying for mine I'd buy the cheaper ones.

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2 people found this review helpful

The strongest hearing aid I could find. I wore Phonak Naida for 10 years now and Naida B90 is the top model ever.

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2 people found this review helpful
VERIFIED BUYER | Princeton, NJ ?

Not very pleased with sound. Went back for second visit to have adjusted. The left ear was much to shrill, right was fine. She toned down the left ear which improved, mostly. Now the lower frequency is not as sharp as it was. Not thrilled with blue tooth. I have to fumble with the button on top of hearing aid to connect, half the time I have to put phone to my ear if I want to use phone. I guess I have one more included visit to audiologist for adjustment. I have used phonak for over 10 years, I am not as pleased as in the past.

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3 people found this review helpful

Sound quality is much better than my previous aids. So far they have been comfortable to wear. Takes some getting used to inserting into the ear. May consider having molds made in the future. Overall, they are what i was hoping they would be. I will know better after wearing them for a longer period of time.

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VERIFIED BUYER | Englewood, FL ?

Love these hearing aids, sound quality is great, very comfortable, very little learning curve. Really like the blue tooth capability. Very impressed with the quality and service of Zip Hearing and the provider where they sent me for the hearing test, fitting, and instructions. Thank you...very professional organizations.

Was this review helpful?
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0 person found this review helpful

The sound quality is really good. I can hear different sounds that I literally hadn’t heard before. I appreciate the automatic setting so I never have to worry about changing the aids based on the environment I’m in. It does it seamlessly. They’re also pretty comfortable. I need to adjust the custom ear molds but the aids themselves are very lightweight for their size. I almost wanted to get a bright color just to show them off lol

Was this review helpful?
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1 person found this review helpful
VERIFIED BUYER | Allentown, NJ ?

Excellent. I'm still adjusting to the remote app adjustments, but the longer I use them, the easier it becomes. Still having trouble with the larger batteries and compartment size. My eye glasses don't fit as well as I hoped behind the hearing aids. Overall, the sound sharpness and quality are much better then my previous hearing aids. .

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VERIFIED BUYER | Alexandria, VA ?

With mixed feelings, I have decided to keep the hearing aids.
I continue to experience a few issues:
-Speech discrimination in situations involving groups, even as few as two people. One-on-one speech recognition is good to very good now because the sound is amplified.
-Speech discrimination when listening to TV group discussions involving multiple speakers, especially with female voices.
-Background noise (road noise) when listening to the car radio, but this is correctable by turning up the volume.
-Taking phone calls when holding the phone to my left ear with the left hearing device in place. Hearing loss in my left ear is much less severe overall than in the right, and I solve this problem by simply removing the device. I can then understand every single word clearly, thanks to the phone amplifier alone: Kerry my provider advised me to hold the phone not over the devise but move it up above the ear. But I prefer just removing the hearing aid temporarily.
My provider added two special programs to the standard, one for TV, the other for the car radio. Frankly, I don's see much difference. Things may improve further as I go along, but I'm not certain.

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Phonak Hearing Aid Prices

Model Our Price
Audeo Marvel 90 $2299
Audeo Marvel 70 $1799
Audeo Marvel 50 $1349
Audeo Marvel 30 $1149
Audeo Marvel 90R $2399
Audeo Marvel 70R $1899
Audeo Marvel 50R $1449
Audeo Marvel 30R $1249
Audéo B90-Direct $2399
Audéo B70-Direct $1849
Audéo B50-Direct $1449
Audéo B90 $2299
Audéo B70 $1749
Audéo B50 $1349
Audéo B30 $1149
Audéo B90-R $2399
Audéo B70-R $1849
Audéo B50-R $1449
Virto B90 Titanium $2499
Virto B70 Titanium $1899
Virto B90 $2399
Virto B70 $1849
Virto B50 $1349
Virto B30 $1199
Bolero B90 $2299
Bolero B70 $1699
Bolero B50 $1299
Bolero B30 $1149
Bolero B90-PR $2399
Bolero B70-PR $1799
Bolero B50-PR $1399
Naida B90 $2299
Naida B70 $1699
Naida B50 $1299
Naida B30 $1149
Naida B90R $2399
Naida B70R $1799
Naida B50R $1399
CROS B $1299
CROS BR $1399
TV Connector $249
Charger Case $99
Power Pack $99
Mini Charger $79
ComPilot II $329
ComPilot Air II $349
Pilot One II $279
TV Link II $149
RemoteMic v2.0 $149
ComPilot Air II/RemoteMic v2.0 bundle $399
ComPilot II/TV Link II bundle $379
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