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Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Changing hearing aid batteries every few days or weeks can be difficult, a hassle, expensive, and just not very environmentally-friendly. If you’re looking for rechargeable hearing aids, there aren’t a whole lot of options, but there are a few good options that you may want to consider. Note: Although having rechargeable hearing aids is nice, it shouldn’t be the sole reason for choosing a particular hearing aid. Be sure to talk with your provider about all the features and options you need your hearing aids to be equipped with, as rechargeability is just one of many factors to consider.

Best Rechargeable Hearing Aid

In my opinion, the best rechargeable hearing aid on the market is the Siemens Pure binax 7bx. Siemens is the only one of the big 6 hearing aid brands that makes rechargeable hearing aids, and they do it well. Aside from being rechargeable, the binax line is arguably the best family of hearing aids on the market for background noise reduction.

How it works
The above hearing aid comes with a charging accessory, called the eCharger. The eCharger plugs into the wall, and then you simply place your hearing aids into the charger at night when you’re not wearing your hearing aids. After 5-6 hours, the hearing aids are fully charged and the charger turns off. You can then expect to get 12-16 hours of use the next day. Here is a video with some detail on how this works.

Cost analysis: Is it worth it?

The eCharger system usually retails for around $200 from your local hearing provider. Included with the charger will be 2 rechargeable batteries, which last about a year each. Each battery will have to be replaced annually for an average retail price of $20/battery. So you will still be spending $40/year on batteries. This same Siemens hearing aid also works with traditional batteries, which retail for about $1/battery and will last about 12 days. That means each you you’ll be spending around $30 for batteries, for one ear, so using rechargeable batteries will be a few dollars cheaper each year. However, if you can find hearing aid batteries online for less than $.70/battery (easy to do), then it is cheaper to use traditional batteries.

Most people use the eCharger for it’s convenience and the fact that it is environmentally friendly- the cost savings most of the time are not really a factor. I have received many good reviews on the eCharger system. It’s very popular, as are the hearing aids it works with. I can strongly recommend Siemens rechargeable hearing aids.

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Jeff Hall Jeff Hall Jeff is a California licensed hearing aid dispenser and the President of ZipHearing- one of the largest discount hearing aid suppliers in the United States. Jeff lives in San Diego, CA with his wife and young daughter.

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