Unitron Moxi² Review

NOTE: The Moxi² is now an outdated hearing aid and has been replaced by the Unitron North hearing aids. Released in 2011, the original Moxi by Unitron was a very popular RIC hearing aid for a long time. At the end of 2013, Unitron released the Moxi² hearing aids, which are a big improvement over the previous Moxi. You can see the price of the Moxi² hearing aid here. The biggest improvement with the release of the Moxi² came a revolutionary idea to hearing aids, which Unitron coined the Flex:trial. Flex:trial allows you to try several different technology levels in one hearing aid. You may know that hearing aids are built and sold according to their technology level, from entry level to premium. When you decide to get hearing aids, the appropriate technology level to purchase is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. But if there are 4-5 different technology levels available, how can you know which one is best for you? In the past, you just had to take your hearing providers word for it, with the Moxi² and Flex:trial, the proof is in the pudding. With Flex:trial, your provider can basically give you a “loaner” set of hearing aids on the day of your appointment, and he/she will have them programmed according to the technology level they recommend for you. You’ll wear the aids for a few days, and come back and either increase or decrease the technology level depending on your results. When you’re settled on a tech level that works well for you, your provider will order you new hearing aids with that technology in them, and you’ll return the Flex:trial aids.

The Moxi² is available in 3 different styles, the Moxi² standard, the Moxi² Kiss, and the Moxi² Dura. Each style is available in 11 different colors and 4 technology levels. The Moxi² standard aid is the smallest device and is very discrete, and it has a small push button to easily adjust the volume or program. The Kiss is a bit larger with a very elegant design, but it lacks a toggle button, which you may or may not need. Lastly, the Dura is the largest of the 3 and uses a size 13 battery and does have a push button.

Photo of the Moxi 2 Kiss

Unitron Moxi 2 Kiss

The Moxi² comes in 4 different technology levels. The biggest differences between each technology level is the number of channels the hearing aid has, and the hearing aid’s ability to preserve speech clarity in the presence of background noise. The entry level model has only 6 channels and doesn’t automatically change programs when necessary, so if you lead an active lifestyle this is probably not a good hearing aid for you. On the other hand, the pro tech level has 20 channels (a lot), and all of Unitron’s best speech preservation technology, including SmartFocus2 , which makes it easier to hear speech in noisy environments. As metioned earlier, 20 channels is a lot for a hearing aid, and some people may think that is too much, primarily because some think having this many channels “slows down” a hearing aid because it is working so hard. Sometimes that is true, but this time, it’s not the case.  Unitron chips have very fast and powerful processors so they can handle that many channels with no problem.

The bottom line:
Unitron and Phonak (also a very reputable manufacturer) are owned by the same company, so Unitron always has access to the latest and greatest research and development that Phonak has, so you can trust the products they put out. Unitron builds a quality product that is well reviewed by providers and patients alike. All of the Moxi² hearing aids work with all of the accessories Unitron has to offer, so streaming sound from your TV, phone calls, or media player is a breeze.  One of the best things about Unitron (in my opinion), is that they include a lot of their accessories at no additional costs. That can be remotes, streamers, etc, which can really make a big difference in your overall experience and success with hearing aids. If you have experience with the Moxi² please leave a comment below.

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