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User Review of the Oticon Nera Pro

Released in September of 2013, the Oticon Nera Pro is currently Oticon’s best mid-range hearing aid, and is probably the best mid-range aid they have ever released. This hearing aid is built on “Inium”, which is the same processing platform as the more advanced Alta & Alta Pro. This makes the Oticon Nera Pro special, as it’s the only mid-range (and more affordable) Oticon hearing aid offers on this new platform. The Nera Pro is an 8 channel hearing aid with 3 programmable memories. To read an in-depth provider review of this hearing aid, visit this post.

Paul S.’s Review of the Oticon Nera Pro

What style hearing aid did you purchase?
I am wearing the behind-the-ear style with a custom earmold.

How would you classify your hearing loss?

Is this your first time wearing hearing aids?

From the time you first noticed you had a hearing problem, how long did it take you to decide to purchase hearing aids?
A little over a year. It was the continual prompting of my wife that finally made me get them.

What has surprised you the most about your new hearing aids?
That they don’t just amplify all sounds. They seem to pick out discreet sounds while not blasting me with background noise.

What is one thing you don’t like about your new hearing aids?
Having something stuck in my ear all day.

Please give a general overview of your experience with the Oticon Nera Pros:
I have had less problem getting used to wearing them than I anticipated. They have already made a big difference in the way that I hear and thus interact with people. The biggest advantage that I’ve noticed so far is the ability to hear a couple of people that I work with that are notorious for being “soft talkers.” Previously I had to read their lips and just guess at what they were saying. I can now get “most” of what they are saying when talking to me even in a crowd of other people. The biggest adjustment for me is having that feeling of something in my ear all of the time. It’s not a huge problem but it can be annoying. I like the fact that people don’t notice that I’m wearing hearing devices.

Notes from ZipHearing: With regard to Paul’s surprise about the hearing aids not amplifying everything, he’s absolutely right. This is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about hearing aids. A lot of people are under the impression that when you wear hearing aids, everything get’s louder, but that’s just not the case. It is not as if hearing aids are going to turn up the volume on all sounds around you. The purpose of a hearing test is to identify what you are not currently hearing properly, and then the hearing aids are fit to only help you out with those particular sounds.

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